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Raffle Tickets for the Christmas Fair

iPads for the School

One of the PTA's aims for this year is to raise enough money to purchase iPads for the school.  Whilst we know that this is ambitious, we have decided to aim for 30 iPads, a charging station and a Mac computer to run them.  This will allow enough iPads for a whole class.  The iPads will enable our children to learn, explore and be more creative using today’s technology. 

Due to the fantastic support from you, the parents and carers of our school over the last few years, we have been able to create a very healthy bank balance.  Very pleasingly, we can tell you that in the last PTA meeting it was agreed that with these funds, we would purchase the first 15 iPads, Charging Station and Mac.  We are now looking to raise a further £3,975.00 to have a full set of iPads by the Summer Term. 

We love running our events with your support, as it creates a great social community for our children, families and friends as well as raising money to be able to further enrich our children’s education.  However, we have taken on board the feedback received at the recent meet and greet and appreciate there are some who are unable to give their time, but would really like to contribute in other ways.  With this in mind, and to assist with making the remaining iPad dream a reality, we would like to give those who wish to, the ability to donate financially.

Please contact the PTA directly to discuss ways in which you can donate.  We will keep everyone updated with the money that is raised via our PTA whiteboard and newsletters.  Thank you in advance for your support.  

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