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Remote Learning at St Mary's

Please see our Remote Learning Policy.  This document is to provide clarity of our remote learning offer at St Mary's, in the event of a child having to isolate due to Covid 19 symptoms, or a partial closure (e.g. class, key stage bubble or for pupils other than those deemed vulnerable or children of critical workers). 

Families who may require support from the school in terms of equipment loans or technical advice are required to contact the school office.

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Google Classroom & Google Meet

Google Classroom

We will use Google Meet to have face-to-face communication with the class, but we will continue to upload all the home learning to each class' DB Primary page.   

Attached is a step-by-step guide to using Google Classroom and Google Meet.  Your child's individual login details are available inside their reading record.  There is also a class code inside the reading record, which will be required if accessing Google Meet from home.      

We would like to request that you familiarise yourself with the guide and practice logging in, so that access is readily available shoud the need arise. 

DB Primary & Charanga Music

DB Primary is used for setting homework each week.  Homework is set on Fridays and needs to be completed/uploaded by 6pm the following Wednesday in order to provide the teacher sufficient time to review and mark work. 

Please find attached information on how to access class pages on DB Primary and how to upload work. 

Please also see a guide on access Charanga Music.

DB Primary
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