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'A small school with huge opportunities'

This term our topic is “Continents of Contrast” where we are going to focus more on Geography starting with rainforests and where they are located in the world. We will be studying Australia, South America and then moving on to Africa after half term. We will look at the layers of the rainforest and which animals inhabit these areas and why. We will also be looking at the people who live in these rainforests and how they use the resources they have to live.

In English we will be creating our own fact sheets about the rainforest and creating a non-fiction page about rainforest animals. We will be looking at poetry and rhyme and writing some of our own poems. We will be reading folk stories from these areas and  then using these as a model to write our own.

In Art we will be looking at aboriginal art and then designing and making our own rainforest animal masks. In science we will continue to look at humans and animals where we will be looking at the skeleton, the digestive system, healthy eating and exercise

In Religious education we will be looking at Festivals of Light which leads us into Christmas and in PSHCE we will be discussing getting on and falling out.

Mrs Cox and Mrs Jones