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'A small school with huge opportunities'


This term homework will be given to the children in the form of a grid. On the grid will be homework tasks which support the topic through maths, literacy, science and ICT. The children can choose the homework tasks which they would like to complete. Year 3 children will need to complete 3 tasks and Year 2 children will need to complete 2 tasks by the date set. The homework grid can be found on DB Primary on the Oak class page. Please make sure that your child chooses each task from a different subject area.

After parental feedback we have decided to set a date for the homework to be completed by so that we can timetable adequate time for children to share with the class. This will make the homework easier to monitor and make sure all children’s work is equally valued. The date for all homework to be in is Friday 17th June 2016.

Spellings for this half term will also be on DB Primary and will be used within the lessons for word games and activities.

We will also continue with times tables which will be checked 3 times a week. We would also like your support in continuing to read at home at least 3 times a week. Mrs Jones will collect the reading records in every Friday and if they have been signed 3 times by an adult, your child will receive a house point.

Can we please ask that every child brings a named water bottle to school.  It can be filled up at school from the water coolers and we will send them home on a Friday for washing. It is extremely important to keep the children hydrated both for their health and for their ability to learn.

We are always happy to discuss any questions or queries that you may have about your child so please feel free to come in and see us. The end of the day is always preferable unless it is something urgent that cannot wait. We want to work together in partnership to support your child’s education.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Cox and Mrs S Jones