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Willow Class - Early Years

The Teacher for Willow Class is Mrs Forsythe.  The Teaching Assistant in Willow Class is Mrs Campion.


Willow Class - Autumn 2018

Dear Parents & Carers,

Willow Class

We are very excited to welcome you all to Willow Class and look forward to having a fun filled year. Our first topic is called ‘All About Me’ and as you can probably guess from the name, we will be providing opportunities for the children to learn and talk all about themselves. I would like each child over the coming week, to make their own ‘treasure box’. It’s a great activity to do together at home and can be filled with any of their favourite things. I would recommend that the box is no larger than a shoe box. It can be decorated (optional) on the outside and inside place objects or photos that your child would be prepared to talk about in class. Please could these be in school no later than Friday 21st September.

May I also ask your child to bring in a photo of them as a baby over the next few days please.

Parental Input

We would really like to involve you in your child’s journey through Reception class and would be really interested to hear from anyone who has particular skills they feel may enhance learning for the children. This may be coming in to tell the children about an interesting profession, hobby or to listen to some children reading; we have such a lovely varied curriculum that we can incorporate almost anything into our plans, and these real life experiences benefit the children greatly.


We shall be having PE on Tuesday and Friday, please ensure PE kits are labelled and in school on those days.

Show and Tell

Later on in the term we will be having a ‘Show and Tell’ time on Friday afternoons, where children can bring in favourite toys to show to the class or just tell us about something exciting; until then please do not allow your child to bring items from home into school.


Initially your child will read with an adult twice a week. Please make sure they bring their reading books into school daily.

Once a week your child will have the opportunity to bring home a ‘choosy book’. This is a book of their own choice that they can share. It will only get changed once a week, so please make sure it is in their book bags for their chosen day.

  • Red Robins - Monday
  • Green Woodpecker – Tuesday
  • Yellow Goldfinch -Tuesday

It is vital that children read and share their books as much as possible to build their confidence and phonetic awareness.


Tapestry is an online learning journal which will record your child’s daily progress within the Early Years setting. In school we will be observing and tracking your child through a variety of ways, including photos. The good news is as parents/carers, you will be given access to this facility to be able to monitor your child’s progress. To enable us to provide you with this opportunity we will require you to provide the first and last name of one or both parents/carers and an email address/addresses. Once activated, you will then be able to access this information from home and contribute to the journal yourselves.  Detailed information, questions or queries will be discussed at the ‘six week in’ meeting.

Above all, our main focus this term will be making sure that the children are happy and settled at school, become confident with the class and school routines and develop a deep sense of belonging within our school community.

If you have any queries or question please do not hesitate to ask a member of the team.

Kind regards,

Mrs C Forsyth & Mrs K Campion                        

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