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House System

Here at Washington we have a House system with 3 Houses:

  • Green Woodpecker
  • Red Robin
  • Yellow Goldfinch

Each House is represented by their House Captains. Two children from Year 5 are voted in by pupils from each house at the beginning of the school year.

Our House Captains for 2016 - 2017 are:

Green Woodpecker

Green Woodpecker - Lola & Finlay(1)

Lola & Finlay

Red Robin

Red Robin - Archie & Kitty(1)

Archie & Kitty

Yellow Goldfinch

Yellow Goldfinch - Sam & Gabriella(3)

Sam & Gabriella

Staff can award House Points to pupils throughout the school term. These can be earned in a variety of ways, for example, excellent work or acts of kindness and the Headteacher announces the totals each week in our Friday assembly.

Red Robin & Green Woodpecker – Joint winners of the 2016 Sports Day

Yellow Goldfinch – Winners of the 2015 Sports Day

School Council

The School Council is ‘the voice’ of the children within our school.  Their peers vote in a girl and boy from each year group; a Chairperson and a Secretary are then chosen within the group.  The School Council meet regularly to discuss matters brought to their attention by class councils and the school leadership team. The Chair and Secretary then meet with the Headteacher to keep her informed of these matters.

Items being discussed during the Autumn 2016 term are :

  • behaviour
  • anti-bullying

Please keep an eye on our notice board & the web page for correspondence from all your Councillors.

Our 2016 to 2017 School Council members are:

Year 1 Representatives Georgia May & James
Year 2 Representatives Annabelle & Tian
Year 3 Representatives Leela & Max
Year 4 Representatives Valkyrie & Henry
Year 5 Representatives Lola & Sam
School Council 2016 to 2017(1)

Eco Council

Our Eco Council consists of representatives from every year group and together we think about how we may look after the environment, our school and its grounds.

We think that our school has lovely grounds and wild areas and we don’t have a litter problem outside.

But, we can do more!

So,  each class has monitors to make sure:-

  • that there is someone to switch off the lights when we leave the classroom
  • that computers are switched off when we leave the ICT suite (especially at the end of the day)

So that we are doing our best to save Energy!

Our Eco Representatives for 2016 to 2017 are:

Year R Noah C
Year 1 Alice
Year 2 Zara
Year 3 Jacob
Year 4 Freddie
Year 5 Isa
Eco Council
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