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Our vision is to enable every individual to become a successful, well-rounded person; supported by the Christian values of service, teamwork, ambition, resilience and self-control. These are taught within the context of Christian beliefs and practice, supporting the spiritual and holistic development of each unique individual – enabling everyone to experience life in its fullness. John 10:10

We are well supported by Chanctonbury Churches and our children’s worker Nick Taylor. He plays an active role in school life, alongside the church interns by providing weekly worship, prayer groups for children and their families as well as contributing to our classroom teaching to support Understanding Christianity. We have close links with St Mary’s church as we attend services termly as well as using the church as a place of worship within the curriculum.

We also have a termly collective worship presented by Splash, who are Christian charity based in our local area. They deliver faith assemblies that promote positive values and behaviour in children and young people. The children thoroughly enjoy our visits from Splash as it usually involves audience participation with drama or puppets!


Our RE curriculum is taught on a two year cycle with the exception of our Reception Year. The curriculum focusses on Understanding Christianity and the other world religions of Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism.

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