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Intent: At St Mary’s, we believe science should a key part of the curriculum to foster a sense of enthusiasm and interest about the world in which we live, whilst acquiring key scientific skills and knowledge.  Opportunities for real and relevant practical activities are an essential part our science teaching and learning from the Early Years through to Key Stage 2.  Our Science curriculum introduces our children to the nature, processes and methods of science, through a range of exciting themes, focusing on biology, chemistry and physics.

Implemenation: In our school, where we can, working scientifically is at the heart of our teaching. Also, topics are revisited and progressively developed, for example, Forces is taught in key stage one and will be studied again in more detail in key stage two. This helps to embed the knowledge of these topics and help it stick in the pupil’s long-term memory. The science curriculum has been mapped out carefully to ensure coverage of the national curriculum objectives and is taught in a two- year cycle to cater for teaching mixed age groups.  Our stunning outside environment is widely used to support practical hands-on learning, alongside trips and visits from experts, to enhance the pupil’s learning experience, especially during our dedicated Science week.

Impact: Children understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.  Children’s knowledge, skills and vocabulary are developed and key questions are revisited to address any misconceptions.   Regular assessment within a sequence of lessons, successfully builds on prior learning and a progression of skills, which focus upon working scientifically and knowledge and understanding.

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